Home Energy Rating

A home energy rating is an analysis of a home’s energy efficiency. Spartan Homes have been out performing this energy performance in their homes for years. The proof of this is in the HERS Index score. The HERS Index Score can best be described as a MPG on a homes energy efficiency. The lower the score the better.

A typical existing home has a HERS Index Score around 130. Today’s new homes built to current code has a HERS Index Score around 100. So to bring your HERS Energy Score below that, your home must be built with a lot of the right things to make your home more energy efficient. Like using energy efficient lighting systems. Energy efficient heating and cooling equipment. Your savings in an energy efficient home can run into the thousands per year. This is money you do not spend every year you own your home.

Spartan Home is a RESNET Energy Smart Builder. A builder that knows how to make your home work for you. What could be better than a newly built beautiful home that is also saving you money each year. Which also is building in a higher resale value to this home as well?

So when those utility bills matter to you….Ask Spartan about an energy efficient home for you family. Your checkbook will thank you.

Here are our recent HERS Index Scores for Spartan Homes: