Fire, Wind and Water Damage Repairs

We know how scary it can be to have your home damaged by mother nature.

We know the urgency in getting your home and life back to normal.
We have extensive experience with recovering your home after fire, wind or water damage. We will give you an estimate when we come out and start work ASAP once it is approved.

Spartan Homes owner and operator has successfully completed the restoration and repair of these homes over the years and knows that is not only about bringing the home back to life, but making sure the homeowner is being taken care of through all phases of the process.

FireWindWaterDamageWith extensive experience and years of Fire, Wind and Water Damage repairs estimated and successfully completed, the owner operator of Spartan Homes Inc. has the experience in repairing anything from a piece of siding to a House Fire.

We have experience with the leading software that most insurance companies use themselves. But being independent and not part of an insurance repair program, we only have one person to please and that is the homeowner.

We do work extremely hard with the insurance adjuster to get a fair repair estimate done and to restore your home back to a pre claim condition. We also have the flexibility to make changes, additions, remodels at the same time as the repair work is being completed.
Spartan Homes Model Home

If you have home damage due to Fire, Wind or Water, Call Spartan Homes Today!
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Spartan Homes is now working at Lake Anna as well as Spotsylvania, Louisa, Orange, Caroline, Stafford, King George Counties and Fredericksburg!